Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Buzz asked me what was my highlight from 2010- Hawks Stanley cup in the pride parade!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Radiohead 4-4-1996

This image comes from the show that Matt Osterlund, Molly Milroy & I attended at Chicago's METRO.
The story is as follow:
Thursday, April 4, 1996
The Metro Chicago Theater

After a wonderful week in Chicago for spring break, Matt, Molly & I needed to go out with a bang. We were bumming around Wrigly and came across a theater marquee labeled with the heading Radiohead. This was the Cabaret Metro now simply known as the MERTO, a long standing music venue in the city. I had some (small) knowledge of the band on the marquee, Radiohead had done a song for the summer movie Clueless, so we tried to get some tickets.
There were some issues:
a. it was pouring rain
b. we were under age
c. we looked like out of towners and no one would scalp to us.

Then our luck changed; as we were about to go home a small man came out the front doors of the theater and approached us. He said "You guys want to go to the show?" we nodded with excitement. "How much?"I said. the short man then smiles and says "No Charge!" He then handed us the tickets & neck lanyards and off we went.

Remember this was 1996 and Radiohead was indi-rock famous not mainstream & we had no clue what was going on.

The walked into the venue and up to the VIP space. The main floor had people on it but  the theater was not packed and the VIP are had a bunch of record people standing around. Matt & I nabbed a free drink (yes mom, booze & beer) and waited for the show to start.

The lights dimmed, the smoke got thicker and the man who gave us the tickets walked out on stage. Molly hit me in the arm and pointed, I just thought he was the promoter but I was was Thom york the front man. (Que shocked music)

The show was amazing, Radiohead was sad and ART broken, "Fake Plastic Trees" made me well up with tears & it really was a fantastic show!

After the show WE ventured down to the main floor to say thank you for the tickets.
Molly approached Thom, we chatted for awhile and we took the set list.

Now that is an amazing night!

Matt Osterlund's Version
The way that night transpired, what got us to that point, all the things that had to line up just right. Meeting those girls the night before at Second City, them telling us they'd be at The Metro the next night clubbing, then we show up to... a big "Sold Out" sign and "Radiohead" on the billboard. Then shopping for records next door, leaving and deciding to look at The Metro calendar to see who was playing next week, only at that point does a short goofy looking british dude in a hoodie come out the front door and ask us three kids if we wanted free tickets to the show. I remember seeing their "tour bus" which was a Uhaul with a trailer, now to think where they're at. Man, what a night. I'll never forget that night, the emotion, "Fake Plastic Trees" being played, me in tears with two great friends in a huge hug, it really was great.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Art for SALE!
Water color & ink drawings - 10.00 unframed & 20.00 framed
Kings of Chicago launch January 2011

Thursday, October 7, 2010


DJ Megan Taylor transforms the already amazing Chicago Beauty bar in to a vintage party.
Cocktails provided by Van Gogh Vodka.
Amazing Pin Up gals Like DJ Megan Taylor from Vavoom Pinups.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Old NEWCITY review

This was From my Grad school days.

Review: Drive-By Performance/Seep

Links Hall is devoting a month to a series of car-based performances, curated by the collective Seep, demonstrating the variety of effects that can arise when theater and traffic collide. Erik Fabian’s “The Bee, Direction, and the Driving Lesson” relies heavily on the interventions of its three-person audience: one passenger (this reviewer) serves as driving instructor, while he receives destinations from a second passenger and toothpick stings from a third, the Bee. Fabian’s ability to navigate the city while subject to these distractions (not to mention the occasional blasts of buzzing from the piece’s soundtrack) is impressive, if occasionally nerve-wracking. My drive exemplified the strengths and weaknesses of such interactive work, fluctuating between a heightened sense of reality created by serendipitous responses in and out of the car and stretches during which not much was going on. “Placement,” performed by Bridget Kies, David Jude Greene, and Liz Wuerffel, uses the car only tangentially, transporting the audience to a lakeshore spot at which we witness some rigmarole that may or may not be about travel. The performers display a striking visual sense. The sight in the far distance of Greene holding an umbrella and Kies with a suitcase, framed by the vast gray expanses of sky and lake (and abetted by the Whistler-like weather Sunday) testifies in its unsettling melancholy to the power of unconventional staging. The festival as a whole succeeds in altering, if fleetingly, our relationship to our vehicles and the city through which we drive them. (John Beer)
“Drive-By Performance” plays at Links Hall, 956 Newport, (773)281-0824, through November 19.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

looking for a 3rd roommate

Looking we are looking for a 3rd roommate in our great vintage apartment.
Looking for October 1ts or November 1st.

This space is located in the heart of East Lake View close to many stores, bars, food, gyms & nightly entertainment. We are 2 men with full time jobs looking for a career minded guy to live with us. One of the tenants only lives in the apartment a few weeks a months and is rarely there on weekends.  We are two easygoing, fun, artistic, gay guys that want a respectable person to share this great space.

Vintage Brown stone building
Middle floor apartment
3 bedrooms
Living room
Dining room
Great back porch
Tons of closet space
Laundry on site (basement)
Secure building
Quick maintenance

Rent is $850. a month (heat, power, cable & internet included) for October 1ts or November 1st.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010



Credit:Text and photos by Craig Seymour

Need a change from scruffy basement parties? Check out Curio, the intimate new basement lounge at Gilt Bar, where we found plenty of customers looking cool and getting close in the dark.

David Jude
33, professor/video artist

What’s your art about?
Most of the work I do deals with social interaction between two people. I’m really interested in the idea of quick, immediate meetings.

Then what’s your best advice on meeting someone you want to hook up with?

A bar is probably one of the easiest places to actually talk to somebody. All you need to do is give them a nice little glance and a little wave.

If you could bring a celebrity here, who would it be and what would you drink?

The drink, first and foremost, would be the El Diablo [Azul Blanco tequila, creme de cassis, ginger beer and lime juice], because that is dangerous, spicy, and sexy. I saw a bunch of the kids from "Gossip Girl" the other day, and I think any of those people would be fine with me, the boys or the girls.

YSL the Manifesto

This is from the STYLE.COM site- amazing!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the Big Show

Here is a super small doc of the video film fest at The Art Institute of Chicago.
The event had a nice turn out & there was some really great videos. It was free night at the museum so there was a ton of people watching the body of work. I was really pumped that the Chicago Reader used my work as the ad for the show!
I also have t o thank my dear friends who not once but twice came out to see my one minute of fame.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Irons in the Fire

KINGS OF CHICAGO - submission deadline September 15th 2010

FEARLESS - looking for unafraid male models
Sound & Vision at the Modern Wing, AIC- Aug, 26 5-8pm

Kings of Chicago Submissions Fall 2010

Call for entries:
This fall will be the launch of a small art based magazine simply grounded in the diversity of gay culture. This is a single run issue, 300 total, including artist proof. This periodical falls with in the tradition of punk and independent zines of the nineteen eighties/nineties and the contemporary publications of the new millennium.

This particular publication is about men only but not male centric. As artists and contributors to our great culture we must respect out community as a whole.

This first publication deals with “new gay male ideals and identity” in place of his historical framework.

The contents, theme, and motif of this issue deal with “The Missing Link” (working title). Since the 1980’s, post AIDS, America has lost many of its middle-aged men (45-65). This loss has caused a historical, social and representational gap in the queer community. The survivors and uninfected are unheard, the living group of men don’t talk about the “ACT UP” days and the youth (25years or less) know nothing of their historical past because of this lack of communication. I.E. “What’s Stonewall?” This issue is a reflection and reaction to that missing group. Please note: “missing” does not just mean deceased. How do we continue our queer legacy, history and progress with out this chronological link? How does the community teach the youth about our historical context with out sounding like angry queers or should we still be angry? This is a reactionary project, an exploratory version of our historical context.

This issue of KOC is asking for your written or visual reactions. The form is solely in the hands of the artists. KOC is looking for ten contributors, all ages, ethnicities and people who identify as male need apply. All contributors will receive a copy of the magazine, marketing, and inclusion in the editors notes for the launch of the publication, no monies will be exchanged. There is no fee for entry and submission of artwork. This is an editor driven publication and will be juried by the editor and KOC’s counterparts.

Submission information:

- By Email: Submit JPG's via email (maximum size: not larger than 10 inches or 720 pixels in any one direction and 72dpi only), and not more than 6 - 12 samples. If KOC wants to see more we will ask.

- Send work to:

- With all submissions include your location, short biography, artists statement or both. Each and every sample of work MUST include artist's name, title, size, medium, date, and edition.

- All writing samples must be sent in with in a Word document and embedded with in the Email.

- KOC reserves the right to reject work due to unresolvable disputes between the artist and curator(s).

All artwork needs to be emailed by midnight September 15, 2010. We are shooting for a late October early November 2010 launch date. If admitted to KOC further publishing details will follow.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

David's new video at Summer Sounds the One-Minute Film Festival

Friday August 13, 2010 · 9:00pm - 11:30pm

LocationPritzker Garden, The Art Institute of Chicago,
111 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
Come celebrate David's new Video: 59 SECONDS
This simple video deals with the act of telling someone "I love you".

Description: Jason Simon, the partner of Sound & Vision artist Moyra Davey (Canadian, born 1958), is a filmmaker who for eight years running has hosted an annual festival.. Simon serves as the event’s organizer and VJ, screening the films in a decidedly party atmosphere. Staged until now in a barn in Narrowsburg, New York, this will be the first traveling presentation of the festival. The festival will end in 2012 after ten years, at which point MassMoCA will launch a traveling exhibition of the project’s “greatest hits.”

Members $8, nonmembers $10. Tickets available the night of the event at the Pritzker Garden gate on Columbus Drive. Cash only.

Monday, August 9, 2010

59 seconds

This is an even shorter taste of my one minute short for the Summer Sounds—Jason Simon's One-Minute Film Festival at the
Art Institute of Chicago, Friday August 13, 2010
9 p.m.-12 a.m.

members $8, nonmembers $10. Tickets available the night of the event at the Pritzker Garden gate on Columbus Drive. Cash only.

Cash bar

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I sit I think- I stand I writhe

I sit I think- I stand I writhe

Media: digital C print. (CKMY lab printed) size unframed 18"x14" / framed 20"x 24"

Edition: 1 portfolio of 9 digital C prints Price: each:$200 (framed) portfolio:$1500 (unframed)

I sit I think- I stand I writhe -an action shot self portrait of living alone & thinking with action. In the dead of Chicago Winter, alone for 3 days, due to a blizzard our character must play out his internal thoughts into actions. Clamoring for warmth, love and human companionship, he heats the room with light, dawns his boots, & creates a dance in hope of a lover to come to his rescue.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


GAY PRIDE 2010 - The cup

Chicago Pride this year was amazing! The energy that Lord Stanley's Cup & the Chicago Blackhawk club brought to this event was tear jerking. I wonder if the NHL understands the impact of what they had done for the gay community with this gesture? This might have been public relations for the NHL but it was the kind of recognition that the gay community needed. I was impressed that the team wanted to pay respect to a important player,Brendan Burke & manger, Brian Burke- his father; in the NHL. Brendan Burke,who was gay, died in a car crash in February 2010.

Move forward & push on, break barriers, be unafraid, the definition of "goal" has many meanings but all leads to victory.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot Hot HEAT

As if one week in the Pines was not enough I still wanted more. As a 32-year-old male who really has never gone on vacation I now understand the power of surf & sun. I have been here before just not for such an extended stay. The weekend is full of the classic gay stereotype - tan muscle posers but the mid week population is abundant with kind, glorious, sun-loving friends.

The local bars, not busting at the seams, have a calm air about them; like the beach towns of southern France. Post drinks we arrive back to our share to dive into Mediterranean style late dinning. The food here is all home made, fresh julienned vegetables, abundant seafood; for the first time in my life I ate shrimp, elegant summer cocktails & whole fruit for snacks.

Post dinner activities are limited to movies, board games or a trip to the “dick dock or the meat looker”, I am sure you can figure out the later. I enjoy the late night ocean swim & naked walk home. Leaving this place in a few days will be hard.

When I was a child I hated going to my summer home on Lyman Lake. Lyman was a punishment, my parents taking me away form the bustling city, Superior WI, the thriving home of culture that it is. My mother was always saying “you’ll feel differently when your older.” damn was she right! Fire Island is heaven on earth with a ton of gay dudes. Earth, wind, water, food & the possibility of sex around every bush, if the Christian right says I am going to hell I need it to be this place.

Thank you FIRE ISLAND!


Donald & I catch a big one at the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

Monday, June 21, 2010

FIre Island Walk

Fire Island - there is a God

direct flight from CHI - ISP
car service
food - home cooked
planters punch
sand - every where
meat locker
small dog
pina colada
small shorts
spf 70
glee sound track
over priced overnight bags
ferry & fairies
tan boys
naked men - much older naked men
convers vs. flip flops
Dbag tattoos vs. smart interesting tattoos
summer share
no cars
board walk
anchor short & other sudo wasp resort clothing
Xavier Cugat
Late dinners - 10:15pm EST
no phones
pay in cash
$10. Coronas
Wit & verbal sparing
falling in love every 20 minuets
falling out of love every 20 minuets

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Black Hawks win - 2010

place: ROCKS Lake view
drinks: man mosas
dinner: steak tacos
desert: chocolate covered cheese cake
company: Craig Matt E
Angie Graunk
Chris E

* this is the first time I have ever uttered the word "we" in reference to a sporting event that I was
not a part off.
ie: "we" are going to win tonight!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday 2:30am Michigan Ave

It is always nice to take a stroll down Michigan Avenue in Chicago. It is especially nice to take a late night walk on a warm spring night. Michigan Avenue with its delightful Gucci & Chanel windows, tourists & well-landscaped lined boulevards is a lovely way to end a perfect night. My dear friend Graunk and I were enjoying our stroll when a lovely couple approached us and asked a simple task. The tall long haired man, wielding a very large camera stopped dead in his tracks & asked for our picture. Graunk & I, well buzzed from Gilt bar, full from a dinner of Zapatista’s Mexican food, & coming of a high from the amazing drinks at Blackbird, had no issues with this opportunity. Graunk, looking very 70’s porn mixed with John Varvatos chic, unabashedly said “Of Course Doll”. I was in normal David Jude attire; Thom Brown cropped pants & bow tie, I looked like an American dandy. The man snapped the picture, his smashing lady friend took our email addresses, and they were on their way.

I love getting my picture taken, it is not because I’m a narcissist (I am a narcissist) or have low self worth, it is because the picture is a form of fashion validation. Graunk & I have do have a fashion history in this city; looking “fashion forward” in Chicago is not easy. Chicago is not free fashion thinking city like New York. People always tell us, “you look so different”, “you have style”, or my favorite “You dressed up”. Who does not love a compliment, but here it is kind of a backhanded compliment. In most cases, the compliment comes with a subtext; the “Jesus, what the fuck is he wearing?” subtext.

We live in a city of mid-west fashion safety; hell people here still think Barneys is a dinosaur. We had our version of 5th avenue condensed in to one city block, OAK Street, that is slowly becoming extinct as well. Our version of a fashion event/show is a mega retailer (Nordstrom’s men’s book party) trunk show, dull. We have our version of Williamsburg too, Wicker Park & those retailers that were supposedly hip are dying as well, really dying!

Fashion wasteland is bad, really bad, what can a good Chicagoan do? We can keep dressing, try to buy locally, support American & local designers, and show the rest of the good Ol’ USA that we are forward dressers. It is not hard to replace your striped tie with a great bright print tie or pocket square, even if your a banker. Try mixing H&M (cheap) with George Greene (high) for a well edited look. As for the local “GAYS” stop dressing like a stupid clone, t-shirts & bad jeans, and look like a sharp dressed man, for once be a positive stereotype. If we band together and try to enjoy the difference in fashion we will all get the photo opp.

*picture by:Zachary Watts & Anastasia V. Shcherbakova- thank you!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Want Your Love a film by Travis D. Mathews

Travis D. Mathews is an independent filmmaker in San Francisco. HE is amazing- his early video work for the infamous BUTT Magazine -IN THEIR ROOM - is romantic, sexy & really, really GAY! I love him! --- ADULT CONTENT

Take a look at this new work - it is "VERY ADULT"- the film is modeled after the 2006 movie SHORTBUS by
John Cameron Mitchell. The film was produced by NakedSword, yes the porn company. This gave Mathews the ability to shoot graphic sex scenes without the FCC or movie rating groups to contest or protest his artwork.

Please take a look at his work & support Queer ART!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NEXT/ARTChicago 2010

Here are some images form ARTChicago this year.
It was great & stuff- typical emerging art -90% shit, 5% interesting, 2.5 worth looking at & 2.5%good.

My List of the 2.5% GOOD:
University of Illinois Chicago MFA show was really great- mostly sculptural & content was strong (NEXT)
Mixed Greens Gallery NYC - really great drawings (NEXT)
Leo Kesting Gallery NYC - artists driven gallery, self promo, funny & colorful (NEXT)
CLUB NUTZ Milwaukee - wild performance party space- see video- (NEXT)
White Cube Gallery London - great works by Hirst, Flavin as well as a bunch of YBAs (ARTChicago)
Zolla/Lieberman Gallery Chicago - Buzz Spector & small Butterflied sculptures (ARTChicago)

Monday, May 3, 2010


Saturday- my table- my life- my art-
Roll over the text & click on the links- fun!
1.CUBS hat
2.Quarters for Laundry (15 loads0
4.Tokion Magazine
5.Thin tip colored Sharpie markers
6.3 copies of NEW YORK magazine
7.Colored pencils
9.School boy glasses (one lens real one lens fake)
10.1 $10.00 bill
11.old Coach wallet mouse
12.5 - 2 copies of PAPER magazine
Matthew Barney and the Guggenheim Museum book
14.COLT magazine

15.painters lamp (30wt bulb)
16.Surface magazine from 2008
17. 5 new small art works one cut out self portrait
18.paid evil Comcast bill
19.Unopened Bank of America monthly statement box for pot & opened quarters
21.12" metal ruler
22.cut out of Kiki Smiths work the is up at the NEW MUSEUM
23.2 brown clip boards of foot cream
25.metal compas uses for my high school geometry class not used for art making
26.paint brushes
27. 1 gum eraser & 1
kneadable eraser
28.shitty blue scissors
29. cut out of large man who looks like a lumber jack for is a high end fashion designer in NYC
30. over priced charcoal pencils in silver case with silver pencil sharpener
31.thin rail black masking tape from Matt's & my first house party

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Whitney Beinnial 2010

This year marks the seventy-fifth edition of the Whitney’s signature exhibition. While Biennials are always affected by the cultural, political, and social moment, this exhibition “simply titled2010” embodies a cross section of contemporary art production rather than a specific theme. - text from Whitney's web site
945 Madison Ave. at 75th St.
New York, NY 10021
(212) 570-3600

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Office

simple, clean, minimal, tight angled, well light, mid century lamps & clock, Indian fabric, Tord Boontje lamp for Artecnica, small rotating collections of books, dvds, & Art work, all white walls, dry erase board with multi-colored markers, nice monitor, APPLE tower - this is just a bit of academic heaven.

Greene Street

If I had a ton of money $$$$$$$, I mean an oil tanker full of money; I would buy a SoHo loft on Greene Street in NYC. I knew this was meant to be when I saw this sign.

pull tabs


Monday, February 15, 2010

Drinks at BlackBird

Drinks at BLACKBIRD the Mother ship of all Chicago restaurants- James Beard award winner, constantly written up in every foodie paper & journal- This is the BB GUN made by Kyle, an impeccable bartender, style maven & try artist.

619 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60661
(312) 715-0708

Monday, February 8, 2010

DANA HOTEL with Shane & Bret-

Saturday night we were back to the wonderful DANA HOTEL - Vertigo sky lounge - the bar has a hosted outdoor roof top Ice bar- we put on our warm robe, provided by the DANA staff, Chatted with GM. Matt (former GM at Crimson lounge) and had a few drinks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Michael Kors in Chicago

One of the best winter nights I have had in a really long time was the opening of the Michael Kors store in Chicago. The transformation of an old, run down, nasty Stuart Weitzman shoe store in to a bright, well designed showroom of American glam-amour was stunning. The lobby of the 900 North Michigan Ave building was where the Red Carpet worthy, Champagne drinking (MOET), super fashionable Chicago "it" crowd was being entertained. And yes, Michael, with his over bronzed cherub face & all black NYC uniform greeted the IT Girls, let me re-phrase that- IT LADIES, since there was one under the age of 25 there, with his giant grin.

I arrived with a mid-sized army, the stylists/glamazons from the MAX MARA store. My ticket in, Makisha Ruffun, the head of floor design for MAX MARA, she is a great friend as well the best creative in this city. With glass in hand we set out to talk to the glitterati, I spotted Megan Taylor, DJ & FIG Media super star, we posed for pictures, chatted with Michael, who claimed he saw me in New York the week before, and made the local pretend-cleb-bu-taunts wonder who the hell we were.

When the lights blinked & the music went quite it was time to take out seats. This is where things get real funny! The run way for the show was set up along the whole first floor, there was limited seating & they were highly reserved. I walked up to the seating guardian to ask where we, the common people, should go to watch, at that point the producer ran over and said "Mr.Greene, Mr. Kors would like you to sit up front." ! We walked right down the middle of the run way, past the pseudo famous city people of Chicago, "Sorry Amanda Puck, oh Candace Jordan are you near the back, so sorry." and plop there we were, front row!

The Show it self was a Chicago first, finally a real runway show. Great models, amazing music & the clothes, wow, the clothes, well MK I never thought I would wear you stuff, tear to my eyes.
The cut of the edgy menswear, the color of the womens wear, the total package was what fashion is supposed to be, fantasey that can become reality!

Monday, January 25, 2010

CROBAR - Roger Sanchez -

What an amazing night- Roger Sanchez killed it at CROBAR CHICAGO. Glitter falling from the ceiling, the whole house was dancing on every available empty space, super mixed crowd, really sexy club kids, typical Burbs DBags, classic gay boys, the spiked haired overly studded t-shirt Eatern Euro kids & styled out hot ladies all out to dance the night away. This group usually makes for a poser type night but none of this was flahsed, just PLUR -Peace Love Unity Respect - hows that for a 90's term!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring 2010

Well we are officially one month into 2010 - here is the run down so far-
- still working at the Columbia College TV Department - Teaching & admin - still not full time but thankful to have a job that kind of pays the bills.
- Harry Winston is coming back around I will have another window in February - thanks Chis Young, love him
- I will be showing at the ARTexchnge at College Art Association on Friday Febuary 12 - a new work called "HE SAID,he said" -
- Showing at the Young Artists Showcase in NYC - I am totally nervous about this!
- Gallery interviews in NYC for that same week - perhaps some new representation.
- I have been applying for full time teaching jobs and still not a bite - I have been wondering what is wrong with academia?
- Still tossing around the idea of opening a skateboard shop - I want to be the Chicago version of Supreme NYC.
- I just found out that Fire Island will be happening again this summer, there is a heaven on earth!
- It feels like early spring here in the city even though it is late January.
- I no longer work at the Ice rink. FACT!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dries makes me cry!

Dries Van Noten makes me cry - his men's clothing is outstanding! Take a look at S/S10:


I went home to Superior Wisconsin; it felt good, no, it felt great. I took my camera took some video of places that were important to me. Superior has become very run down. It has become ruff & cold, salt stained & rusted with no jobs to keep the young at bay.