Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mediocre thoughts- Saturday at Intelligentsia

1. the gym makes me: sad, happy, angry, excited, feeling thin, then fat, then almost the right weight
2. 1 chi latte and 1cappichino make for a productive an speedy afternoon
3. I really like Katy Perry she is my teenage dream
4. blogs and tumblr are the new creative outlet for self publication
5. Is romance dead?- this is a sex in the city reference - well gays, it's only dead if we stop it and I wont let that happen, flowers, poems, blushing boys on the street: let's keep it going.
6. I have a friend who charts her moods - I think i just might start this action as well- to see if I am really "happy"
7. I am going home 3 times this summer; Superior in summer is more amazing then the Pines
8. Orange was my favorite color for about 10 years..I now prefer gray as my daytime hue.
9. I live with 2 women. These 2 ladies are smart, sexy, powerful and ambitious, this is a true motivator.
10. I have been trying very hard to smile and be kind to strangers, wow am I jaded, this is my summer challenge.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It Gets Better

Last night My roommate I were watching GLEE, at the commercial break the & Google ran this add.
AWESOME, really ,really ,really, really, AWESOME!