Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Michael Kors in Chicago

One of the best winter nights I have had in a really long time was the opening of the Michael Kors store in Chicago. The transformation of an old, run down, nasty Stuart Weitzman shoe store in to a bright, well designed showroom of American glam-amour was stunning. The lobby of the 900 North Michigan Ave building was where the Red Carpet worthy, Champagne drinking (MOET), super fashionable Chicago "it" crowd was being entertained. And yes, Michael, with his over bronzed cherub face & all black NYC uniform greeted the IT Girls, let me re-phrase that- IT LADIES, since there was one under the age of 25 there, with his giant grin.

I arrived with a mid-sized army, the stylists/glamazons from the MAX MARA store. My ticket in, Makisha Ruffun, the head of floor design for MAX MARA, she is a great friend as well the best creative in this city. With glass in hand we set out to talk to the glitterati, I spotted Megan Taylor, DJ & FIG Media super star, we posed for pictures, chatted with Michael, who claimed he saw me in New York the week before, and made the local pretend-cleb-bu-taunts wonder who the hell we were.

When the lights blinked & the music went quite it was time to take out seats. This is where things get real funny! The run way for the show was set up along the whole first floor, there was limited seating & they were highly reserved. I walked up to the seating guardian to ask where we, the common people, should go to watch, at that point the producer ran over and said "Mr.Greene, Mr. Kors would like you to sit up front." ! We walked right down the middle of the run way, past the pseudo famous city people of Chicago, "Sorry Amanda Puck, oh Candace Jordan are you near the back, so sorry." and plop there we were, front row!

The Show it self was a Chicago first, finally a real runway show. Great models, amazing music & the clothes, wow, the clothes, well MK I never thought I would wear you stuff, tear to my eyes.
The cut of the edgy menswear, the color of the womens wear, the total package was what fashion is supposed to be, fantasey that can become reality!

Monday, January 25, 2010

CROBAR - Roger Sanchez -

What an amazing night- Roger Sanchez killed it at CROBAR CHICAGO. Glitter falling from the ceiling, the whole house was dancing on every available empty space, super mixed crowd, really sexy club kids, typical Burbs DBags, classic gay boys, the spiked haired overly studded t-shirt Eatern Euro kids & styled out hot ladies all out to dance the night away. This group usually makes for a poser type night but none of this was flahsed, just PLUR -Peace Love Unity Respect - hows that for a 90's term!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring 2010

Well we are officially one month into 2010 - here is the run down so far-
- still working at the Columbia College TV Department - Teaching & admin - still not full time but thankful to have a job that kind of pays the bills.
- Harry Winston is coming back around I will have another window in February - thanks Chis Young, love him
- I will be showing at the ARTexchnge at College Art Association on Friday Febuary 12 - a new work called "HE SAID,he said" -
- Showing at the Young Artists Showcase in NYC - I am totally nervous about this!
- Gallery interviews in NYC for that same week - perhaps some new representation.
- I have been applying for full time teaching jobs and still not a bite - I have been wondering what is wrong with academia?
- Still tossing around the idea of opening a skateboard shop - I want to be the Chicago version of Supreme NYC.
- I just found out that Fire Island will be happening again this summer, there is a heaven on earth!
- It feels like early spring here in the city even though it is late January.
- I no longer work at the Ice rink. FACT!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dries makes me cry!

Dries Van Noten makes me cry - his men's clothing is outstanding! Take a look at S/S10:


I went home to Superior Wisconsin; it felt good, no, it felt great. I took my camera took some video of places that were important to me. Superior has become very run down. It has become ruff & cold, salt stained & rusted with no jobs to keep the young at bay.