Thursday, July 29, 2010

I sit I think- I stand I writhe

I sit I think- I stand I writhe

Media: digital C print. (CKMY lab printed) size unframed 18"x14" / framed 20"x 24"

Edition: 1 portfolio of 9 digital C prints Price: each:$200 (framed) portfolio:$1500 (unframed)

I sit I think- I stand I writhe -an action shot self portrait of living alone & thinking with action. In the dead of Chicago Winter, alone for 3 days, due to a blizzard our character must play out his internal thoughts into actions. Clamoring for warmth, love and human companionship, he heats the room with light, dawns his boots, & creates a dance in hope of a lover to come to his rescue.

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GAY PRIDE 2010 - The cup

Chicago Pride this year was amazing! The energy that Lord Stanley's Cup & the Chicago Blackhawk club brought to this event was tear jerking. I wonder if the NHL understands the impact of what they had done for the gay community with this gesture? This might have been public relations for the NHL but it was the kind of recognition that the gay community needed. I was impressed that the team wanted to pay respect to a important player,Brendan Burke & manger, Brian Burke- his father; in the NHL. Brendan Burke,who was gay, died in a car crash in February 2010.

Move forward & push on, break barriers, be unafraid, the definition of "goal" has many meanings but all leads to victory.