Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot Hot HEAT

As if one week in the Pines was not enough I still wanted more. As a 32-year-old male who really has never gone on vacation I now understand the power of surf & sun. I have been here before just not for such an extended stay. The weekend is full of the classic gay stereotype - tan muscle posers but the mid week population is abundant with kind, glorious, sun-loving friends.

The local bars, not busting at the seams, have a calm air about them; like the beach towns of southern France. Post drinks we arrive back to our share to dive into Mediterranean style late dinning. The food here is all home made, fresh julienned vegetables, abundant seafood; for the first time in my life I ate shrimp, elegant summer cocktails & whole fruit for snacks.

Post dinner activities are limited to movies, board games or a trip to the “dick dock or the meat looker”, I am sure you can figure out the later. I enjoy the late night ocean swim & naked walk home. Leaving this place in a few days will be hard.

When I was a child I hated going to my summer home on Lyman Lake. Lyman was a punishment, my parents taking me away form the bustling city, Superior WI, the thriving home of culture that it is. My mother was always saying “you’ll feel differently when your older.” damn was she right! Fire Island is heaven on earth with a ton of gay dudes. Earth, wind, water, food & the possibility of sex around every bush, if the Christian right says I am going to hell I need it to be this place.

Thank you FIRE ISLAND!


Donald & I catch a big one at the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

Monday, June 21, 2010

FIre Island Walk

Fire Island - there is a God

direct flight from CHI - ISP
car service
food - home cooked
planters punch
sand - every where
meat locker
small dog
pina colada
small shorts
spf 70
glee sound track
over priced overnight bags
ferry & fairies
tan boys
naked men - much older naked men
convers vs. flip flops
Dbag tattoos vs. smart interesting tattoos
summer share
no cars
board walk
anchor short & other sudo wasp resort clothing
Xavier Cugat
Late dinners - 10:15pm EST
no phones
pay in cash
$10. Coronas
Wit & verbal sparing
falling in love every 20 minuets
falling out of love every 20 minuets

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Black Hawks win - 2010

place: ROCKS Lake view
drinks: man mosas
dinner: steak tacos
desert: chocolate covered cheese cake
company: Craig Matt E
Angie Graunk
Chris E

* this is the first time I have ever uttered the word "we" in reference to a sporting event that I was
not a part off.
ie: "we" are going to win tonight!