Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Supreme - GAGA- Terry Richardson!

Lady Gaga poses for what looks to be the next Supreme campaign. She was shot by Terry Richardson and styled by fashion director Nicola Formichetti.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Clubber Down Disco - Vandam Sundays at the Greenhouse

photo by Rebecca Smeyne for Village Voice
1. LadyFag at Clubber Down Disco at the Chelsea Hotel make my heart melt

2.Pizza is the new Thai food
3. Spank  Loft parties are delightful 
4. Vandam Sundays at the Greenhouse - the return to club life
5. Ace Hotel basement is the new Basement of the old Studio54
6.Performing at MOMA not as hard as it seems
7.Jim Campbell's light sculpture made me cry a bit
8.WD50 buy the entrees not the prefix
9. Union Square Market in February is still delicious
10. George Condo at the New Museum - breath taking
11. Coffee in SoHo and a late Sunday afternoon post shopping at Prada is almost not real
12.viewing Jodi Mack's film at Anthology Film Center was beautiful & surreal
13.So much Fashion my heart almost stopped
14. Knowing that my friend Kevin is an actual BlueMAN- mind blowing
15.POT smoking in public is the social norm, even at Pasti!