Monday, May 3, 2010


Saturday- my table- my life- my art-
Roll over the text & click on the links- fun!
1.CUBS hat
2.Quarters for Laundry (15 loads0
4.Tokion Magazine
5.Thin tip colored Sharpie markers
6.3 copies of NEW YORK magazine
7.Colored pencils
9.School boy glasses (one lens real one lens fake)
10.1 $10.00 bill
11.old Coach wallet mouse
12.5 - 2 copies of PAPER magazine
Matthew Barney and the Guggenheim Museum book
14.COLT magazine

15.painters lamp (30wt bulb)
16.Surface magazine from 2008
17. 5 new small art works one cut out self portrait
18.paid evil Comcast bill
19.Unopened Bank of America monthly statement box for pot & opened quarters
21.12" metal ruler
22.cut out of Kiki Smiths work the is up at the NEW MUSEUM
23.2 brown clip boards of foot cream
25.metal compas uses for my high school geometry class not used for art making
26.paint brushes
27. 1 gum eraser & 1
kneadable eraser
28.shitty blue scissors
29. cut out of large man who looks like a lumber jack for is a high end fashion designer in NYC
30. over priced charcoal pencils in silver case with silver pencil sharpener
31.thin rail black masking tape from Matt's & my first house party

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