Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NEXT/ARTChicago 2010

Here are some images form ARTChicago this year.
It was great & stuff- typical emerging art -90% shit, 5% interesting, 2.5 worth looking at & 2.5%good.

My List of the 2.5% GOOD:
University of Illinois Chicago MFA show was really great- mostly sculptural & content was strong (NEXT)
Mixed Greens Gallery NYC - really great drawings (NEXT)
Leo Kesting Gallery NYC - artists driven gallery, self promo, funny & colorful (NEXT)
CLUB NUTZ Milwaukee - wild performance party space- see video- (NEXT)
White Cube Gallery London - great works by Hirst, Flavin as well as a bunch of YBAs (ARTChicago)
Zolla/Lieberman Gallery Chicago - Buzz Spector & small Butterflied sculptures (ARTChicago)

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